Burn marks visible behind coating stripe coating Survey Paint Failure Corrosion Blistering caused by welding and burning Coating Failure cross hatch testing holiday detector.jpg dolly test 002 resize.jpg Grinding in progress resize.jpg blasting surface prepartion resize.jpg blasting in progress resize.jpg more grinding of heavy sags resize.jpg IMG-0878 resize.jpg IMG-2035 resize.jpg IMG-0994 resize.jpg IMG-1058 resize.jpg low dfts resize.jpg paint blistering resize.jpg potassium ferricyanide test for sol resize.jpg DSCN0482 resize.jpg unblasted and blasted surface.jpg testing 2.jpg Surface profile measurement2.jpg replica tape measurements.jpg mirror.jpg hard to reach areas.jpg Offshore Platform Windfarm Reporting climatic conditions readings.jpg Bridge Painted Pull Off Adhesion Testing Adhesion Testing Testing3 Testing Steel Temperature Power Tool Cleaning High Pressure Washing Grinding of Heavy Sags Cracking in Coating Coating Detachment img 0722 Stripe Coating2 Final Coat Anti Fouling Site Survey Site Survey Before Site Survey After High Voltage Spark Testing High Voltage Holiday Detection Paint Inspection Photo2 Paint Inspection Photo1

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