Marine coatings have traditionally been the core business of HEMPEL, and HEMPEL has - since the establishment of the company in 1915 - grown to become one of the most extensive supply networks in the marine market, servicing marine customers with uniform products of the same high quality all around the world.

HEMPEL's extensive range of marine coatings offers protection for all areas on all types of vessels, at the newbuilding stage and for later maintenance - both onboard and when in drydock.

The assortment includes fouling control coatings coatings for ballast tanks, cargo holds and cargo tanks, superstructure, decks and engine rooms. Furthermore, newbuilding yards all over the world use HEMPEL's shopprimers to optimise production flow.

HEMPEL's global sales and service organisation provides our customers with expert assistance during the specifications stage and with on-site advice during application, including detailed reporting to the shipowner after completion of a job


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